About Us

Our Mission – Just Imagine was built with only one goal in mind, to make the best tasting chocolate bar anyone has ever had! No wait… that was Hershey… Sure it would be great to make the best tasting chocolate, but that’s already been done. All we really wanted to do was have fun, and to help others have fun too. We want to show the world that there are much cooler toys to be played with than the same old, mass market, 10 seconds of fame, today’s craze toys. We want to show the world that there is more to life than T.V. and video games. We want to be different. We want to have some serious fun. We want to make people happy. Some people call us crazy for what we do, but really, it’s just normal to us. It is our goal to make everyone smile at least once everyday that they visit us, no matter what we have to do make it happen. How can we make you smile today?

History– Just Imagine was founded by a Mr. Jumikeah Wickmanoleo Franchezedelinomey Drohohyustinoploly Ruxinatomonomonomo Smith Jr. the 63rd (let’s just call him Mr. Smith) on February 30th, 1491. He set up his shop in a quiet little neighborhood in the United States near the East Coast. Unfortunately, his toyshop struggled immensely because of a lack of customer support, but he was determined to make it work. So he decided to advertise his business all over the world and to let it be known to all that he was here, and that’s where he was. There. Yup, that’s exactly where he was…mmm hmm, right there, just sitting there patiently. And sure enough, no more than a year later, three ships full of anxious people came to see his wonderful creation and experience the magic that only Just Imagine could offer. So that’s how it all started. Over the past 500 years, Just Imagine has gone through many new owners and new locations, but the dream of Mr. Smith still lives on. And it’s now brought straight to your home or office, on this very computer screen in full color (color monitor required) with larger than life 3-D effects (imagination required) and is always playing your favorite music (put in your favorite CD, press play) in the form of this cool, hip, happenin’, fun, crazy, incredibly incredible website. Enjoy!

Future – In the future we hope to keep you up to date with the coolest toys in the biz. We’ll do our best to make sure you have everything you need for your flying cars and your apartment in the sky. Simply keep your eyes here for the coolest and newest creations to hit the earth…and remember, this is not a website, this is better.

Where to find us– Feel like taking a spin in the old grocery getter? Come out and play! We’re easy to find. Just Imagine is located in Baraboo Wisconsin, near the Wisconsin Dells, just one hour North of Madison, a short 13 hour drive from Cleveland, or a happy little 15 hour flight from Tokyo. As you can see, no matter which way you choose, we’re easy to find. If you would like directions to our store, please email a request toinfo@justimaginetoys.com, and let us know where you’ll be coming from. Hope to see you soon!